Garrett AT Gold

Garrett AT Gold Metal Detector & Headphones G-1140680
If you want a powerful prospecting machine that doubles as an impressive collector of coins, relics, and jewelry, you want the Garrett AT Gold Metal Detector with deep-seeking, true All-Metal Mode performance for all terrain prospecting! Scroll down to read the Field Test Review by Gary Sturgill, GPAA Chapters/Trade Show Manager.

The AT Gold metal detector includes 18kHz frequency for enhanced detection of small gold nuggets, jewelry, coins, and relics. It is highly recommended for Prospecting, Coin Shooting, Hunting for Jewelry, Caches, Relic Hunting, Organized Hunts and Shallow Fresh Water Hunting, too!

Features & Benefits of the Garrett AT Gold Metal Detector include:

ALL-METAL MODE: True All-Metal mode offers deepest detection depth and sensitivity on the smallest nuggets.
GRAPHIC TARGET ANALYZING: Simultaneously shows the target's conductivity and the detector's discrimination pattern.
ALL TERRAIN: Designed for use in wet, humid and dusty environments. Weatherproof housing can be immersed in water to 10-foot (3m) depth.
DIGITAL TARGET ID: Numeral scale from 0 to 99; indicates a target metal's conductivity for increased ability to distinguish targets from each other.
HIGH-RESOLUTIONI IRON DISCRIMINATION: Provides 40 points of iron resolution—controlled with touchpads and viewed as a digital number on the LCD—for the most precise ability to separate a good target from iron trash.
ADJUSTABLE THRESHOLD: Allows the user to manually adjust the audio threshold
(constant background sound) to better hear targets.
PRO MODE AUDIO: Proportional audio response and Tone Roll Audio features provide more target information.
IRON AUDIO: Allows user to hear discriminated iron and to audibly identify problematic flat iron objects like bottle caps and washers.
ALL-METAL IRON AUDIO: A Garrett exclusive feature that allows user to audibly identify iron objects even while operating in a True All Metal Mode.
GROUND BALANCE (MANUAL): Allows the user to manually adjust the detector's ground balance to reduce the detrimental effects of ground mineralization. BALANCE (MANUAL): Allows the user to manually adjust the detector's ground balance to reduce the detrimental effects of ground mineralization.
FAST TRACK GROUND BALANCE: Automatic feature that allows user to quickly ground balance the detector in mineralized soil conditions. ELECTRONIC PINPOINTING: This Non-Motion All-Metal Mode is used to precisely locate a detected target's location in the ground.
ONE-TOUCH TREASURE HUNTING: With the touch of a button, your metal detector is: powered on; automatically reset to factory (or your) settings; and ready to search!
Depth Indicator: Continually shows depth of coin-size objects.
Battery Condition Indicator: Shows batter life continually
Search Modes: Select from True All Metal, Discrim 1, Discrim 2, and Electronic Pinpointing

Garrett AT Gold Makes the Grade

"... The AT Gold is a VLF detector with 3 search modes. It comes with a True All Metal Mode. This provides the greatest possible depth and sensitivity. It also provides a continuous audio response, allowing you to hear the subtle detection signals made by faint targets. I used the all metal mode at the beach with good results. I found numerous AA batteries, a few clad coins, a lot of soda can tabs, part of a wedding ring set, and an old spoon.

It has 2 discrimination modes. This makes it a versatile coin and relic hunting machine. By selecting either the DISC 1 or DISC 2 modes, you gain more tone ID info. from your targets and are able to discriminate unwanted trash targets such as foil, nails, pull tabs and old spoons.

Garrett AT Gold detector has 8 sensitivity settings that you can change on the fly with the push button controls. Use the (+) or (-) buttons to work through the 8 levels that are continuously shown on the LCD screen. You will want to use the higher sensitivity levels for finding extremely small or very deep targets. Lower levels should be used to help erratic operation due to the presence of highly mineralized ground or electrical interference from other detectors that may be using an unshielded coil.

This lightweight unit (2.8 pounds) has on the fly pushbutton controls as well as Auto and Manual Ground Balance. The exclusive Ground Balance Window feature optimizes the machine's performance in highly mineralized soil, where gold is often found.

It comes with standard headphones that are quite comfortable, and have a waterproof connection as this machine is totally submersible in fresh water up to 10 feet. Because the AT Gold is optimized to find small gold, saltwater use is not recommended. Its ability to find small gold is equally relative to the conductivity of saltwater. It does, however, do quite well in dry sandy conditions for coins and jewelry.

I really liked the easy-to-see LCD screen. Across the top is the Target ID Legend and directly under it is the Target ID Cursor that indicates the targets probable identity. The depth indicator displays are tagged with a Target ID number. This is a more precise version of the ID Cursor. It also shows at a glance what mode you are in and current battery levels.

The Electronic Pinpointing feature works like a charm. I was able to dig a small target without having to widen my hole in the search. This Non-Motion All Metal Mode is used to precisely locate a target's location in the ground.

The Garrett AT Gold metal detector operates at 18 kHz, making it a great machine for small gold. It has 3 Audio Tone ID Levels and is adjustable from 43.25 inches to 56.25 inches. You get lots of extras thrown in the box, making it a great value! After using this detector, I can see the others that I own getting a nice rest for a while. The Garrett AT Gold has quickly become my choice metal detector when I want to grab one and go find whatever treasure awaits me next

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