EVO device
Are you looking for a 3D imaging device specialized in detecting gold and buried treasures efficiently and accurately and at a great price ??

Also, if you are looking for a detector device that combines light weight, small size and ease of use to 8 meters as a depth underground Yes we provide you with this modern and advanced device for 2019 EVO Modern technology for gold and metal detectors This device is a new and advanced generation of devices for the exploration of the 3D imaging system, and was designed geometrically distinct to help the prospector to work for hours because of the light weight of not more than 1 kg

The most important feature of the Evo device is its ability to detect the buried targets in all soil types and in all the difficult terrain, using 3D digital processing technology, allowing you to detect the golden targets and caves and tunnels and spaces with all craftsmanship and speed. Just hold the imaging stick and the iPad that contains the imaging programs and walk and search in the area that be scanned using the direct imaging system, which shows all the hidden by the ground of gold and fossils and caves, and will allow you to see all these discovered targets directly on IPad screen and stereoscopic 3D to know the size, depth and type of the target.

Evo device is working with two specialized detection systems
Live scanner

You can scan and explore large areas in a short time, which saving a lot of time and effort to the user of the device. The direct search system sends and receives waves quickly and convert the captured signals into a live video when the user discovers any hidden targets underground will be able to see the targets directly and at the same second on the iPad screen.

3D Ground Scanner
Through this system you can take a photo to any point regarding its area, for example :(2 meters length = 2 meters width). and after we captured that point we save the image in device's program to analyze that image to find the type of metal detected, whether gold or silver or precious metals and see the size of the target and its geometric form stereotypes to be able to know the type of goal: (Box - jar - gold coins - antiques - or other things) Through this 3D system we can know the depth of the target completely revealed in numbers on the screen. If you are a fan of adventure and amateur explorers around the world we put in your hands the tool and the best way to find your targets through the Evo 2019

Technical specifications of the device

1- The technology used in the device is one of the latest and most reliable technologies in the world, the UMAD technology. The sensor of the device is also designed using the international ESR-1 technology, which allows accurate analysis of the underground target.
2- A 3D Android program installed on the iPad device through it you can operate and control the device
3- The Evo device is working for 6 hours continuously using a 3.7 volt rechargeable lithium battery
4- Search modes (Direct - Manual - Automatic)
5- The processor works with technology (Atmel At-Mega 32 Mhz)
6- The device is connected to the computer through the Bluetooth technology, which allowing easy to navigate and work.
7- The machine is working at temperatures ranging between (-10 ° C / 50 ° C)
8- The Evo device is lightweight compared to other imaging devices, so that the weight of the device is not more than 1 kg.
9- folding imaging stick (closed 60 cm - adjustable to 120 cm)
10- The device detects to 8 meters as a depth.
11- Store images on the iPad screen and print them.
12- Attach with the device a factory warranty card for two years.

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