How To Request And Purchase From Abroad

We provide our valued customers the possibility of their demand for services from their home countries without suffering fatigue and affectation travel expenses, purchase by phone or correspondence, through the adoption of the client device, which had seen fit to request, through the vision of the customer to the product via our website, tell us about the device that has chosen him, and through Correspondence e-mail or direct contact with telephone company to be supplied at the cost of the product and ship it by offering price includes the name of the device and its manufacture and its price with the shipping costs also include the offer price at the time our company bank account on the client can transfer price of the product you want to buy.

We are honored to provide integrated and comprehensive services to our customers and how purchase any of our products with ease and without any complications. Any person able to get any of our products, both with and apply the product and send it via the shipping service and delivery, or the arrival of the client to the headquarters of the company to enjoy all the full service of technical support and expertise acquired through the present with the experts, engineers and technicians.

Bank account details

Account number 11973193820001
Branch ADCB Khalidiya Mall Branch
IBAN AE200030011973193820001

Our Services

  • We offer the best and most detectors for gold and treasures, minerals and water and caves
  • We offer equipment and electronic products revealing, well thought out properly and the experience of practical and scientific.
  • We offer advice and expertise in product selection, depending on the need for the Navigator and his request.
  • We offer training courses complete, correct and process, on the basis of devices and systems of work and its results and effectiveness.
  • We offer experience and a realistic and practical results and the work of hardware and that until the arrival of the client to the headquarters of the company to purchase.
  • all of our products are supported by its factories and certified manufacturing and guarantee card manufacturers also offer with each product to ensure processors documented by the device manufacturer guarantee to the buyer the safety of product.
  • We offer with each product purchase invoice described the cost of a computer, work, name and serial number.
  • We offer with each product in the catalog as requested by the buyer English – Arabic. Described the work and use the device, we offer a DVD.
  • We ship to all devices throughout the Arab world and the world at a maximum of 3 days from date of purchase .
  • Anyone in any country were to get on any device through a request to purchase a or phone company or send us an email


Now we declare with confidence about the possibility of shipping and delivery of all types of products we have available to all parts of the world without exception during a period of not more than 4 days from date of purchase through the biggest and best shipping companies where the product guarantee access roads safe and secure Welcome to the international section for the shipment of goods, products and devices to all countries of the world and wish you good and plentiful with our products This section has a long experience in providing security and real for customers to access their needs to them the best roads, the relevant section in the shipping department his discipline and commitment to absolute customer where all of the works which the qualified staff who have received good training in the shipment of goods, packaging and processing are fully in order to preserve the security and safety of the product.

You will submit this section all the comfort and safety to receive we provide with the recipient’s name and phone number and the name of the region and will be delivery to you within three working days from the date of purchase We look forward that we serve you to the fullest and the best and fastest way through the International Shipping section of our group, so do not worry we are to maintain the full value of these devices where the non-proper packaging methods We also treat all our customers requests for confidential to preserve the reputation and the march of the company with experience and good reputation We offer you our products are good services to be the subject of trust and comfort and happiness.


  • Technical support..
    Since we are agents and distributors exclusive for our products, it is sure to offer our customers the service of maintenance of the devices in case of malfunction or damage to any pieces of the device or the device itself, and that by sending the client’s product to us via shipping to the address of the company and cost the client expenses of shipping, after the arrival of the product and send it to the factory Preview is the product and checking and to report to the client malfunctions and repair costs.
  • Terms and Conditions..
    In the case of malfunction the product from the misuse of a user, or because of an accident happened to him, once hitting a blunt object or occurrence to the ground or subjected to any shock obtained from the misuse, in this case, the buyer bears the costs of maintenance and complete parts.
  • If the product stops working and manufacturers as a result of an error, costing the company the cost of shipping and maintenance or a complete switch, and despite the fact that the company make sure the buyer’s health and the work product properly and without any crashes, and that the experience of the product before you buy.
  • If you open the buyer of the product from the inside waived the right to bail and maintenance shall be final and remember these items in foster care that are included with the product.
  • Abandon the company’s liability for any product malfunction was the result of ill for the use, storage, or not knowing the correct ways to use the product as explained in the catalog and also coached the person on the machine where the product is repaired and shipped to the customer after that sends the cost of maintenance and shipping of the company.