Discover the treasures and gold now through the latest devices, We Offer you this sophisticated set of detectors for gold , treasures , caves, tunnels and basements which operates Direct Imaging system. We have also examined the device and service experiment before buying a field operation experiment on several types of minerals and different depths.


A device with 9 advanced systems the detection of gold, treasures, cavities and underground water it can detects to 50 meters depth and 2850 meters long distance.Science fiction displays the technology of the future, which may be implemented effectively, including those that can be implemented only in the scenes of science fiction, but with the creative team of AJAX for detectors technology who takes you a leap of quality and unique for the first time globally to the modern scientific reality that lies the latest and most accurate Scientific systems for the detection and exploration of gold, minerals and treasures underground.


Containing 3 advanced and professional detection system for searching for gold and buried targets. It can detects to 30 meters depth and 40 meters a long distance.According to our surveys, we found that all of prospectors who used ground imaging systems have encountered many complexities in the use of these devices and its complex software, but we have solved these complexities and difficulties in our device with 3D imaging systems, where our system allows anyone to use it with easy and smooth control.


Discover gold and treasures through the best imaging device underground , with direct 3D image with accurate finding the depth, shape and type to 18 meters as depth.Royal Basic This device contains all specifications that may be needed by the prospectors for treasures and burials, to be ranked firstly among all imaging tomography detectors .The elegant and comfortable design has the main role to easily use , in addition to 2D and 3D systems that forms metal and voids models under the ground immediately.Royal Basic with new 3D imaging system, this device is considered as one of the easiest devices with 3D analytical system at all.Compared with all traditional detectors available on the market, this device has been made without any need to carry a computer or any operations to connect with a laptop as simply characterized its use therefore anybody can use it without any experience.


Discover gold and treasures through the best imaging device underground , with direct 3D image with accurate finding the depth, shape and type to 32 meters as depth.Royal Analyzer with imaging system the best and most appropriate system for all prospectors and gold seekers, minerals and treasures and more accurate device for prospecting and exploration companies in the world.The device is supported with several languages, which allows all prospectors easy handling and use.


A device that combines research surface and deep search at the same time, and the latest imaging technology to find gold and minerals with 3D system to 8 meters as a depth.Deep Hunter Pro Unprecedented Technology: deephunter® is the ­first detector in the world to combine the ability to locate Deep Treasures, Cavities and Individual Coins in one unit. Now, you can purchase a single, powerful detector that is capable of locating BOTH individual coins AND larger treasures at extreme depth. deephunter® features both a non-motion mode and a motion mode. Experience the fast and deep detection that others have only dreamed of.


Works with a direct 3D imaging system to a depth of 5 meters. specialized in detecting golden treasures and valuable metals, Made in Turkey.One Of the most powerful devices globally and its the last technological system to detect metal, gold, relics and caves in the ground and "miracle of the first-class professional devices".The processing system exploration technology is currently found in any other system in the world include precise technical feature unparalleled processing of the three-dimensional graphs and is the only organ that gives the work world a true and realistic three-dimensional scene and clarity of a full and high accuracy till depth up to 8 meters under the ground.