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This device is specialist to detect golden targets and working with sound system so that is considered an electromagnetic device combines sound and vision as to discover the actual depth of up to 2 meters.The Ultimate Detector! The metal detecting industry's premier relic hunting and general purpose metal detector.Recommended for: Coin Shooting, Relic Hunting, Beach Hunting and Gold ProspectingFisher F75 Advanced Visual & Audio Target ID Metal Detector.


A specialist detects gold nugget and ancient coins. It operates two systems: general system for all metals and the system of private discrimination.Fisher Gold Bug.. A specialized raw gold Ancient coins. Works with two systems: the Public Order all metals And discrimination system detects only gold.
  • LCD screen large and clear help see goal
  • details With the sound represented by the existence of two different two-tone
  • discrimination between
  • targets Characterized by high sensitivity especially crude for gold
  • Discovers a depth of up to a maximum of 1 meter
  • Lightweight and easy to use