Dear customers, ranchers and all seekers of groundwater and wells . We offer today the best devices to detect and identify the whereabouts of groundwater and wells at all to depths up to 500 meters below the surface of the earth and has been tested these devices in several Arab and foreign countries and proved amazing results in the discovery of water wells, these devices are of the finest global industries and high-performance technical at best prices with the guarantee.


The first long range geophysical device for searching of underground water, and locating its position to can detects to 500 meters as a depth and 2250 meters distance.Omega device is the first long-range detector globally to detect and locate underground water places. If you are a farmer or if you work in drilling wells, Omega is the perfect solution to eliminate water scarcity problems and problems of random water drilling, which would spend a lot of money without any little benefit.

BR 500 GW

This device is speciallized to detect underground water wells, underground water depth up to 500 meters and 1000 meters distance.Now with confidence we advertise for the sophisticated product "BR500GW" for the detection of groundwater wellsThis device is supported by most exploration companies and detection of water in Saudi Arabia

BR 700 PRO

Discover underground water and artesian wells now by the latest geophysicist device in the world, and to a depth of 700 meters with the best technology. get it now with warranty.For our customers ,,, to all farm owners, companies and specialists in the field of water exploration and we are honored to put between your hands the latest and the best device among all devices of groundwater underground


It can scans farms and places of water and determine with high precision the type and places of water discovered to 750 meters depth , with a very high technology.After the success of the first generation BR700pro that specialized in underground water and artesian wells detection, through the accuracy of search results up to 100%, and determine the whereabouts of water at high accuracy, it was necessary to BR System factory to update and develop this device, which we offer you now BR750 ProfessionalOver the past years, the previous model has been tested in many places and lands through water exploration companies, farmers and land owners. The device has received the complete satisfaction of all users and has achieved what they wanted to accurately determine the water locations, density, depth and type BR750 Professional has been equipped with new features that were not available in the previous model and are not available in all other water detectors at all.BR-System has been decided that the new model BR750 Professional the first device without competition through the addition of some features and characteristics and partial changes that provide higher accuracy in detection and ease and smooth handling of the device.Through this device, and by one click, you will determine whether there is water available in your farm or not, in addition to determining the type and depth of these water easily and directly.