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Prizm Technology group .. We are a company originally emeriti our founding, we started to work in many areas of tech and digital devices and construction equipment, construction and monitoring equipment and remote controls. We started and agents for the largest American companies, the German specialist in these areas, and we went behind the two messengers and development and access to the best multi-researches

The New Opening

To our audience in every holy place of the great Arab homeland.
Changes with time and the vagaries of life and the need for continuing human to continuous development in various areas of life, we had to keep up with this scientific development to get you to the top.

The Company is pleased Prizm of Technology announces that the possession of the latest findings of the human mind in the areas of exploration for precious metals , to put it in the hands of all those who wish to access this area.
We proudly announce the presence of a wide range of the latest scientific and technical bodies to explore for minerals, and prices will satisfy all levels (hardware sensors, imaging devices , electromagnetic devices and equipment for drilling groundwater). We can say with confidence that we have the devices in 2019 indisputably not a competitor. And visit us at our headquarters located in Abu Dhabi enough to be assured of the sincerity of our claim, and experience the best proof. The content team to serve you, ready to give you a full explanation and a full and clear the hardware and how to use.


We are happy to talk about our adventure and experience the many and many a period of 15 years of work and struggle in the field of research, detection, mineral exploration and gold and treasures and monuments, perhaps this work Aohzh hobby of the coolest hobbies fun and suspense, and except it is a hobby interesting dramatically, but also you can through this hobby beautiful access to the top and the composition and making a bright future. There are lots and lots of treasures lost and anonymous and caches, and parallel to these treasures of wealth and value, and there are a lot of people, researchers and explorers have benefited a lot, good and abundant of this fascinating hobby.
Detection of very interesting research and exploratory trips out and search for the unknown..

Experience And Researches

We have started our experiences and our flights since the beginning of the ninetieth, two messengers to the discovery of the unknown and achieve great success are proud and we are talking about with pride, which began flights and explorations in the beginning of the founders of this company who have achieved the successes we are proud of and proud of it, the work was at the beginning of the day on devices primitive and a simple electronic devices , but through the love of this work and love of exploration, we get to be happy with the results and proud to be achieved ..

Development And Progress

We started two messengers to success and have established this company specialized sale of metal detectors and treasures and relics to be able to both amateur and every researcher to reach the goal and achieve success that you may dream of it, provides a hardware time, fatigue and suffering and give useful results and satisfactory, we can start to pick the best equipment at the level of global manufacturing and we provide to our customers in some neighboring Arab countries and was in the beginning of the founding company, started our experiences and the experiences of many of our customers on the passage of years working on a lot of regulations reagents such as detectors of electromagnetic detectors ultrasonic devices affected by radiation electromagnetic Dvain, some devices find the results helpful and this was due depending on the nature of space and soil, and some devices sometimes fail to work and also the reasons hardness of soil, different terrain, and we were always tuned to news of devices that are sold to customers at the local level and externally so we collected a lot of opinions and a lot of developments that indicate that the update their devices in various organs to become free from errors and from any default.

Manufacturing And Innovation

We started and through the fundamentals of these organs and systems develop and update them and their experience in many places and terrain different and was in these processes and developments in the largest global centers for the manufacture of devices to take us to produce sophisticated equipment with high technical quality and were the result of many trials and research and the views of many explorers.
We have the best equipment operating in multiple systems and are supported globally, working equipment and reagents properly and accurately, and with the results of a definite and meaningful was the experience of hardware and researches in many centers of research and development website in the world .

Why Prizm Technology Devices ?

Include our company the best devices and systems based on multi-level world and specialized detection for gold and minerals and treasures and monuments, groundwater, caves and tunnels.

Has been the experience of all the devices we have in manufacturing centers, which are made through and by our research centers, and we are ready to test any device that is our experience that the real and practical.

Specifications and Techniques.

  • All devices operate on the principles and foundations of electronic systems and automatic internationally certified.
  • Devices have been developed and professionally designed, accurate and the latest electronic equipment manufacturing in the world and by the best engineers in the field of microelectronics with the most brilliant engineers consulting geologists.
  • Devices were studied and radiations and waves emerging and future very accurately.
  • All devices operate on a digital electronic system (Digital) advanced very easy to use and relieves the user to work.
  • All sizes of devices acceptable and easy to carry and use, including Little, who holds with ease and comfort of movement.
  • Devices work great for working hours and up to more than 12 hours and depending on the system device.
  • Devices work in all forms of terrain in the worst weather conditions and at all levels of temperature and humidity across the globe Has been studied areas and waves emerging from the hardware to penetrate all types of rocks and dust in the world and running auto-tuning Device.
  • software has a sophisticated digital computer systems working on a mini-guide and assist the user to operate the device easily and comfortably.
  • Distinguish metal devices from each other, and determine the depths and sizes in digital and electronic.
  • Devices made of the best and highest quality plastics and the best electronic parts, Japanese, Greek.
  • All components of the internal and external devices is one of the best electronic products in the world.
  • We definitely do not e-few old and slow and the results that may be affected by moisture and soil hardness.
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We are not the only ones but the best through our distinctive and we the best and most kinds of products in the world.

With the greetings of the management and engineers of Prizm Technology

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Prizm Technology and through its commitment to providing the highest standards in the field of advanced technology continue to provide services to enjoy high-end excellence that we seek in this sector. From this standpoint, the Prizm Technology pursuing her career developed to be a source of pride for the Arab community and that by offering excellent services and convenient handling.

We have been able to prove our worthiness and excelling in the field of research and exploration in the Middle East and we look with optimism and satisfaction to the future; as loom large prospects for tremendous growth at the regional and global levels.

we strive to achieve further expansion over the next few years, as we signed a contract with major international shipping for your service and to facilitate the transportation and shipping to and from all over the world with ease and at full speed without messing with any of the material shipped and content.

This would add a new dimension to the phrase high-end services we offer to our customers and at the same time reflects the importance we attach to them. We also hope that you will take what we offer presentations and training offers you the maximum benefit with our company.

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