A gold and metal detector “Geosens X3” from GDI company The three-dimensional metal detector has been developed mainly to locate gold and metal objects buried deep in the ground. The device also works with the most effective pulse induction technology to search for burials and treasures at great depths and has the feature of scraping iron.
The device is not affected by mineral salts, basaltic stones, volcanic stones, or wetlands. The device can reach a depth of 4 meters with high efficiency through the large search disk. The device is equipped with a circular search disk to increase the sensitivity of the search and reach greater depths. The pulse induction field is concentrated in the middle of the circuit. Read more about Geosens X3
2 Years
Gold, metals, treasures and burials
Direct imaging system 3D
The Spark offers the high rigor frequency waves that enable it to identify and detection the target sites underground, like a gold, treasures and blanks meticulously where the device can locate the targets from 200 meters distance and an angle of 360 degrees
The Spark device works on the long distance sensing system (LDS), the advanced and built-in with acoustic identification systems to locate the path and point center of target. Read more about Spark
2 Years
Gold - Selver - Bronze and Caves
Long range system – Sound system

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